10 Natural Stomach Ache Remedies To Try Whenever You Suffer

To make food savor better, glance brighter, smell sweeter and even last longer, we did a lot of human strategies just to keep it from spoiling. We refine, put on colors and flavors, as well as preserve, can, bottle, and even heat or freeze everything that can be eaten under the sun. But in trying to improve on the manner of nature that we prepare our food, we merely produce the opposite effect of manufacturing chemicalized and unhealthy food, or food that delight the appetite and the senses. These manufactured foods have sadly been exhausted, robbed of their life – giving properties and active principles.


Ignorance is often the cause of most health problems. People have not been taught how to eat and live right and we are often sick from the food that we eat because we do not read or understand the labels of the grocery stuff that we are buying.

Too much intake of improper food like: (1) concentrated starches (white flour, white bread, biscuits, donuts, cakes), (2) processed and lightened cane sugar and products (white sugar,  confections, chewing gum, artificial sweetener, etc.), and (3) narcotizing and stimulating beverages (coffee, tea, alcohol, tonic drinks, colas, beers, etc.) may cause stomach ache and may make us lose our appetite.

If you ever experience this, don’t worry because there are home remedies for stomach ache which are widely accepted as cure for such ache and irritations that are just at home. Most of these are herbal plants such as:

The combination of certain natural herbs and products like some dry mint, dry ginger, roasted cumin seeds, cilantro, black pepper, asafoetida, garlic and rock salt, and grind them into a fine powder. Have a teaspoon of this powder prior to taking meals, along with a glass of warm water. This is one of the best stomach ache remedies.

  • You can also use parsley by soaking some of its leaves in water for a couple of hour. Drink this water not less than 2-3 times a day. This is a good remedy for maintaining the overall health of your stomach.
  • Bael can also help. Take bael pulp and mix it in buttermilk. Stir it properly, and drink it in order to prevent stomachache. You can also take bael juice, as one of the upset stomach remedies.
  • Drinking rose water can also provide relief for nausea and tummy ache.
  • Another herbal plant that is common in our backyard area is Tamarind Leaves. You should consume 3 grams of fresh tamarind leaves and powder it to make a thin paste. Now, mix 1 gram of rock salt in it and have this mixture. No treatment can ever be successful unless attempt is made to correct faulty diet.

Many times, as we have proved by experience, changing the diet of the patient is the only cure needed. But doing the things stated above is the easy and best way to eliminate stomach ache at the same time availability of ingredients are just around the corner. The above listed home remedies for stomach ache are proven and tested by people across the globe and is a continuing practice until now.  Even if these remedies are part of our lives, you should still ensure that what you are eating are healthy foods so that you can prevent stomach ache from occurring.